WATCH: Woman trolled for cooking pink breyani to match Barbie-themed party

One of the latest reels taking Instagram by storm involves "Barbie biryani". Picture: @creamycreationsbyhkr Instagram

One of the latest reels taking Instagram by storm involves "Barbie biryani". Picture: @creamycreationsbyhkr Instagram

Published Feb 21, 2024


Last year, the world was swept up in a wave of pink after the release of “Barbie”. Suddenly, it became a popular colour and people wore pink and went to watch the movie.

It seemed like everyone was crazy over it, with social media feeds overflowing with pink-themed posts.

Alas, the trend hasn’t entirely disappeared. We occasionally come across unusually pink-themed dishes on social media.

One of the latest reels taking Instagram by storm involves "Barbie biryani".

In the video by @creamycreationsbyhkr, the woman who made the bizarre breyani showcases the pink masala and pink rice that constitute these delicacy.

The dish was served alongside matching pink raita and other dishes in line with the Barbie theme.

However, the unconventional twist on the traditional breyani recipe sparked intense debate across social media.

While some expressed awe at the creativity behind the dish, others voiced their dismay and disappointment, viewing the pink breyani as an unnecessary alteration to a beloved culinary tradition.

Comments ranged from stern disapproval to funny puns, with some demanding justice for breyani and others jokingly suggesting it as a gender reveal option.

“Delete this right now before I throw up on my phone,” posted an Instagram user. “Justice for biryani,” shared another.

“This is the stupidest video I’ve seen in my entire life. Just wanted you to know that,” joined a third. “This is disrespectful to biryani. Stop,” wrote a fourth.

However, it is not the first time breyani, a cherished dish known for its ability to unite people, has sparked a heated online debate. Last year, a video shared by Instagram user Pushpek Sidhu stirred up controversy among breyani lovers, eliciting shock.

In the video, Sidhu reacted to an unexpected chicken breyani recipe. The recipe included strawberries, touted as a “healthy version of biryani”, and used only turmeric as a spice, deviating from the traditional recipe.

His reaction to this unconventional approach ranged from confusion to disbelief and evident anger.

One commenter jokingly asked: “Why haven’t you credited the original creator? I just want to report him for terrorism.”

Another commented, “Do not let the British people cook.”

The emotional attachment people have to breyani was evident in a comment that read, “This is seriously not okay. We need a trigger warning before watching this recipe. Biryani is sacred.”

Someone even amusingly added: “I think my whole neighbourhood heard me yelling in horror.”