Increased voyages for South African travellers as Silversea Cruises announces the launch of its new luxury ship

A Silversea Cruises cruise ship exploring snowcapped fjords. Picture: Supplied

A Silversea Cruises cruise ship exploring snowcapped fjords. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 30, 2024



Luxury cruise line, Silversea Cruises has announced that it will debut a new luxury ship, Silver Ray in June.

The cruise line and Cruise Vacations explained that the launch of this new ship is part of their commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury cruise experiences to South Africans, both on local shores and internationally.

The Silver Ray is Silversea’s second Nova Class ship which is set to redefine luxury cruising by seamlessly connecting guests with their destinations.

Cruise Vacations managing director Gaynor Neill revealed that the ship mirrors the innovative design of its sister ship, Silver Nova and that it boasts an avant-garde, asymmetrical structure with stunning use of glass throughout public spaces and suites, offering uninterrupted panoramic views.

“With spaciousness and agility, Silver Ray stands as one of the most expansive ships ever constructed, embodying Silversea’s hallmark features while introducing a fresh paradigm in luxury cruising,’ Neill said.

“From its exquisite suites with breathtaking vistas to its eight exceptional restaurants and array of bars, Silver Ray ensures a superlative culinary and social experience, promising unparalleled luxury and unforgettable memories.”

Neill added that with the launch of Silver Ray, Silversea and Cruise Vacations invite South Africans to embark on extraordinary voyages that redefine luxury at sea.

“Whether exploring captivating destinations within South Africa or venturing to exotic locales worldwide, Silversea and Cruise Vacations promise to elevate every moment aboard their luxurious ships, ensuring unforgettable memories and unparalleled indulgence.”