MSC Cruises introduce Young and Teen Programme to ensure there is never a dull moment on its fleet

MSC Cruises’ Young and Teens Club to offer extended opening hours and eight hours of daily live entertainment. Picture: Supplied

MSC Cruises’ Young and Teens Club to offer extended opening hours and eight hours of daily live entertainment. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 14, 2023


With the ever-increasing number of young and teenage guests cruising the seven seas, MSC Cruises announced a new and expanded Young and Teen Programme across its entire fleet, accompanied by a new MSC Cruises’ original teen music video dedicated to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

Starting from November 15, the Young and Teens Club on board all MSC Cruises’ ships will have extended opening hours and eight hours of daily live entertainment, while guests from ages 12 to 17 will have access to enjoy their dedicated facilities packed with the latest consoles, games and VR tech during the day.

The cruise line said that guests can also expect an array of organised activities on board, including sports, cutting-edge amusement options, fun-filled entertainment possibilities at the aquapark as well as a dinner organised exclusively for young guests and teenagers.

It said that each evening, there will be a different exclusive prime-time game show that will be offered for teenagers, followed by a teen disco, ensuring endless entertainment throughout the cruise.

According to Matteo Mancini, senior manager Youth Entertainment MSC Cruises, the ever-increasing number of young guests and teenagers on board their ships naturally led them to follow the trends they love most.

“MSC Cruises offers them an unforgettable 360-degree holiday that starts at home with our original entertainment content on the web and social media, continues on board with our activities organised by our Young & Teens Club and carries on after the cruise, thanks to the teens themselves who become our digital creators and ambassadors,” said Mancini.

He said that when people ask why MSC Cruises has become internationally awarded as “Best Cruise Line for Families” over the years, the answer is simple.

“We listen to our young guests and build their loyalty. MSC Cruises’ original entertainment content, produced by our youth division, exceeded 11.9 million web hits, 64 million impressions and over four million interactions between young guests and teenagers via the official hashtags #mscteens #cabin12006,” said Mancini.

Also commenting on the new programme for young guests, Steve Leatham, head of entertainment MSC Cruises, said they are very much in touch with the trends and demands of the Young and Teens audience, their most adventurous guests.

“We actively invest in industry-leading hardware and software to entertain, excite and involve them in ways they can only imagine.

“We are also aware that strong ambassadorial content online is a way of enabling the holiday experience to start prior to arrival and continue long afterwards for our most avid social media users,” said Leatham.