Travel influencer moms unpack their globetrotting journeys with their kids in toe

Travelling mom Ntombomzi Mzozoyana with her son. Picture: Supplied

Travelling mom Ntombomzi Mzozoyana with her son. Picture: Supplied

Published May 6, 2024


Striking a balance between motherhood, work, travel and self can be a hard isn’t easy. Often when a woman chooses to embark on the journey of motherhood, it is expected that she would forego some experiences in her life to prioritise motherhood.

But times have changed and young women worldwide are breaking these stereotypes, proving that a woman’s life does not end simply because she has embraced motherhood.

There is a generation of young moms on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram sharing their dreams, aspirations and lives with millions across these platforms.

In doing so, they are shining a positive light on motherhood, showing moms and would-be mothers that having a child is not a death sentence (socially and career-wise).

These digital content creator moms have been to local and international destinations including Cape Town, Sun City, Dubai, Thailand and Paris with a baby in arm.

As we celebrate mothers around the country in the run-up to Mother’s Day, we spoke to two millennial moms who make travelling with kids seem effortless.

Working moms and digital content creators, Ntombomzi Mzozoyana (@lifewithntosh), who has a 20-month-old son, Lithalethu Mgabi, and Aaliya Adam (@aaliyaadam), who's daughter Armani is 4, had this advice for moms.

Aaliya Adam and her daughter, Armani, at Disneyland. Picture: Supplied

What is travelling like as a mom?

NM: Travelling and seeing the world with my son is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done! We get to bond and share special moments together.

As a working mom, my son spends most of his time with the helper while I'm at work and by the time I’m done with work, we only have two hours to spend before he goes to bed, so taking time off from work to go on these trips as a family helps us bond and spend quality time together without distractions.

Our son is always happier when on vacation, we have so much fun and he appreciates spending undivided time with us. Yes, there are challenges when travelling with a toddler but the positives outweigh the negatives.

AA: Being a travel mom is definitely something, and I would not have it any other way; like I said, life through her eyes is just something else. Best believe she is a jet-setter just like her mom.

She can be up as early as 3am to catch a flight, I have been travelling with her since she was 6 months old. She is ready with her small suitcase at any time.

A cute mother and son moment between Ntombi and her son in Thailand. Picture: Supplied

There are often negative perceptions about travelling with children, do you agree?

AA: I honestly prefer travelling with my kid and husband; I don’t think I can do it by myself - not sure how people say travel before you’re married or have kids- who do you create these memories with? I always say I had my kid young so we could ball together.

NM: I always hear moms say, "It's pointless taking a baby to an expensive vacation because they won't remember it", and I say it is not about them remembering but it is all about how you both feel at that moment, if you are both happy, that's all that matters.

Parents can always take pictures and videos to share with their kids when they are older to remind them.

Aaliya and her daughter Armani in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Picture: Supplied

What lessons have you learnt about travelling as a mom?

AA: I have learnt to always have things that make them happy when travelling. For me, I ensure Armani has her snacks, play toys such as slime, play dough, colouring book and pens, and I also do sensory activities with her to keep her entertained on long flights.

It is such a breeze when you train them young, many people say they won’t remember but that’s false, my daughter remembers every place we’ve been to as well as things that stood out to her in that specific place or country.

NM: For mummies who are afraid to travel with their babies due to being nervous about how their babies will behave, you'd be surprised how much your baby can handle; and you won't know that until you try.

Research and preparedness are key. Follow other moms that are already travelling with their babies, seek advice, test them on local trips and this should reduce your anxieties.