WATCH: SA teacher abroad pleads for help as fiancé battles for his life in Vietnamese hospital

South African couple, Nonku Mdlalose and Audio Fynn, are teachers in Vietnam. Picture: TikTok

South African couple, Nonku Mdlalose and Audio Fynn, are teachers in Vietnam. Picture: TikTok

Published Feb 28, 2024


Nonku Mdlalose, a 31 year old South African teacher working and living in Vietnam, has reached out to netizens around the world seeking assistance for her fiancé and fellow South African teacher, Audio Fynn, after he collapsed and was sent to hospital in Vietnam.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Mdlalose pleads for financial assistance on behalf of her fiancé after he suffered an asthma attack and anaphylactic shock resulting in him being hospitalised and having to undergo numerous medical operations.

@nonkuanimated Repost original taken down at 100+k we are not out of the woods please share video #CapCut #trending #whodidthistoyou #reessateesa #fyp #keithlee #Master2023byTikTok ♬ original sound - Nonku

The teacher said that she has been in and out of hospitals since Sunday and that both their families and colleagues have exhausted all means trying to save Fynn’s life, who is currently in an induced coma in ICU at a hospital in Vietnam.

Mdlalose also posted videos of hospital bills and revealed that she’s spent close to R140 000, the majority of which was her’s and Fynn’s life savings.

She also said that heir families back home have also contributed to the bill, however, due to the fact that Fynn is still in a coma, the bills are increasing every day.

The tearful teacher revealed that she did contact the South African Embassy, however, they were not able to assist.

@nonkuanimated Ive tried to answer the more persistent questions i will make a video slide of al the paper work. Its all in VND the Vietnamese currency. Addressing Embassy, Insurance, Price of health care. Family assistance. #reessateesa #whodidthistoyou #Master2023byTikTok #CapCut #trending #fyp #keithlee #elsamajimbo ♬ original sound - Nonku

Speaking to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) spokesperson, Clayson Monyela, he confirmed that the department has been in contact with Mdlalose.

Monyela emphasised that in such circumstances, the South African government does not pay for medical assistance for South Africans living abroad and can only provide none financial assistance, which is why expats are often advised to get insurance when travelling.

@nonkuanimated PART 1 HOSPITAL Receipts. These are official Vinmec documents stamped and all you can even call them if youd loke his name is Audio Fynn. The receipts are from 2 hospitals the 1 that we rushed too & we were trasfered. MP in my Bio is my Father Mandla Mdlalose he will send over every cent that is donated. #reessateesa #Master2023byTikTok #whodidthistoyou #CapCut #trending #fyp #keithlee #elsamajimbo ♬ original sound - Nonku

According to Mdlalose, she and Fynn have Vietnamese insurance that is similar to medical aid.

However, she elaborated that the medical aid doesn’t cover everything and most hospitals in Vietnam require cash upfront, following which they can claim back the funds.

In her plea for help, netizens from around the world have sent their prayers and donations in response to Mdlalose and Fynn’s plight.

She has also posted details on her TikTok page on how to assist.