WATCH: TikTokkers shamelessly plug each other on where to meet millionaire men

Views from the island of Mykonos. Picture: Unsplash

Views from the island of Mykonos. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 14, 2024


Finding a millionaire bae is on everyone’s to do list and these TikTok content creators were kind enough to spill the tea on where to go to meet that millionaire match.

Slavic TikTok content creator, @sasha.inlove, took to her TikTok page, Men and Money, to share a video titled, “Where to search for a millionaire bf depending on the time of the year”.

@sasha.inlove Where to search for a millionaire boyfriend depending on the time of the year. Monaco, dubai, St Tropez, Ibiza. Karina is a girlfriend of a millionaire and she is gonna tell us #slavicgirl #datingadvice #datingtips #providermen #5050relationships #datingapps ♬ original sound - Men and Money

In the video, the content creator and Karina, who is a “millionaire’s girlfriend”, revealed the top destinations for meeting men with money.

According to Karina, most wealthy men are in Tulum Mexico in January and Dubai in February.

“In March it’s the best time for Courchevel and skiing and also in Paris because its Fashion Week. So around France is the best time and the best place to find a wealthy guy,” she said.

Karina also revealed that April is the opening of the travel season in Ibiza and you can find party guys and meet wealthy men in May. She also suggested travelling to Monaco during the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Cannes Festival.

Other destinations to head to in June, July and August (during summer) include Mykonos and Saint-Tropez.

Ladies from around the world took to the comments section to share their views and their plugs on Sasha’s video.

@okokcasey joked: “I can’t even meet myself in those places 🤣.”

Another user, @nthabeekay, said: “Can I meet one at home 🥺 I don’t want to leave the house.”

Another user, @desubicadahhhh, said: “September and December Buenos Aires if you are into old money, polo, owners of ranch’s type of guys.”

Whilst @ik89a said: “if I could travel to these places, I wouldn’t need any guy.”