WATCH: X users react to disparaging racial remarks made against cruise passengers in Durban

MSC Splendida at the Durban Harbour. Picture: Supplied

MSC Splendida at the Durban Harbour. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 29, 2023


As South Africans continue to enjoy cruise season and summer holiday festivities, racism has once again reared its ugly head after a video with disparaging commentary against black and Indian cruise passengers emerged on social media.

In the video trending on social media platform X, passengers queuing at the MSC Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal in Durban preparing to board the MSC Splendida are belittled and racially profiled for booking a luxury cruise vacation.

The video includes commentary made by three white South Africans driving past the queuing passengers waiting to embark on the ship.

“Wtf. I mean I can’t believe you queue like this on the pavement to get on here. I can’t believe! Look at them. Listen there’s three, spot the whites here. Look at this one, check these to with their sailor hats.

“That’s where all those Indians were going dressed in white and blue. This f******g ship is going to sink,” said one commentator.

“I would actually cancel my trip,” responded another voice on the video.

Social media users were disappointed following the surfacing of the video and many shared their views on the matter.

X user @clivesimpkins said: “Speechless at the terrible remarks made about a large number of orderly, queuing, primarily-black travellers waiting to board a cruise liner at the new Durban terminal.

“Had a peep at the Cruise line's prices. Average 6k pp *fully inclusive* for a 3 or 4 day cruise.”

— 🕉️ Clive Simpkins (@clivesimpkins) December 22, 2023

@urbanjodi responded: “There's absolutely nothing unusual about people queueing to board a vessel. I hope they all enjoy their cruise. For the people making racist comments they just revealed their ignorance about travel and their racism in one go.”

@EBee40, said: “I wish all who boarded that cruise in Durban the most wonderful holiday ever. (Hopefully all the bigots remained on land with their sour grapes and all.)”

And @ThisKg, said: “A bunch of people line up to get on a cruise ship in Durban and a bunch of Afrikaners organise under a tweet to undermine an entire race.”

— Kgaogelo Magolego (@ThisKg) December 22, 2023

Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal was officially opened with the welcoming of MSC Splendida at the start of the cruise season in November by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The president said that the cruise terminal was a vital step forward in positioning the eThekwini Municipality as a premier cruise destination that is among the best in the world and encouraged South Africans to participate in this opportunity of having Durban as a cruise port terminal.

MSC Splendida embarks from Cape Town or Durban and offers cruisers the opportunity to sail across Indian and South Atlantic Ocean and visit amazing destinations such as Portuguese Island, Reunion or Mauritius.