Close the language gap with AppGallery

Close the language gap with AppGallery

Close the language gap with AppGallery

Published May 11, 2023


In the past, overcoming a language barrier was a daunting and time-consuming task. People had to rely on textbooks, audio tapes or in-person classes.

Not only were these expensive and inflexible but they didn’t allow for interaction with native speakers. Becoming fluent and getting an understanding of the cultural context of a language was very difficult to achieve.

Thanks to digital platforms such as AppGallery, language learning has become accessible and affordable to more people. Today, you can choose from virtually any language in the world and download an app to help you become fluent.

The sheer variety of language learning and translation apps provide excellent alternatives to attending in-person classes. Few things can beat the convenience and flexibility of learning at your own pace through an app.

A selection of top language learning apps

Here are several highly rated language learning and translation apps available on AppGallery:

1. Angula

Angula teaches people African languages using the voices of native speakers. The app prioritizes natural pronunciations in order to get learners to learn the language and get them as close as possible to the spoken language. To do this, the team collaborates with native speakers to make exclusive recordings for language courses and content.

2. LingoDeer

LingoDeer offers comprehensive courses in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and more. Its interactive lessons and quizzes make learning fun and engaging. One of the app’s most exciting features is its ability to engage in real-time conversations, eliminating the need for an interpreter.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps that provides lessons in multiple languages. These include Spanish, French and German. Its gamified approach to learning keeps users motivated and the real-time conversation feature enables you to practice without having to speak to an interpreter.

4. Learn Korean

Learn Korean is a dedicated app for learning the Korean language. It offers lessons on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Just like the other apps mentioned above, Learn Korean lets you communicate in real-time with native speakers to enhance your conversation skills.

5. Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese provides a comprehensive learning experience for the Japanese language, covering grammar, vocabular, and kanji. Spend just 15 minutes a day to learn basic Japanese phrases to help you become a fluent speaker.

6. Tandem Language Exchange

Tandem is a unique app that connects users with native speakers for real-time language exchange. Users can practice speaking their target language and help others learn their native language. This immersive learning experience is something that will ensure you get the hang of any language far quicker than using any traditional means.

AppGallery is an invaluable resource for bridging the language gap by offering a range of learning and translation apps. Using these apps, you can learn at your own pace while also engaging with real-time conversations with native language speakers. Head over to AppGallery today and get learning, what are you waiting for?