Calls for progress in AKA and Tibz murder investigation on eve of 1 year anniversary

Calls for progress in AKA and Tibz murder investigation on eve of 1 year anniversary. Picture: File

Calls for progress in AKA and Tibz murder investigation on eve of 1 year anniversary. Picture: File

Published Feb 11, 2024


Similar to how members of the public helped to identify the whereabouts of convicted criminal Thabo Bester at a Woolworths store, so too can they help with locating the remaining suspects on the run in the AKA and Tibz murder investigation.

Instead of offering “crumbs” on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, police have been urged to rope in the public and business community to help assist in locating the remaining suspects allegedly on the run.

As scores of fans shared their memories of rapper AKA, Kiernan Forbes, on the anniversary of his shooting on February 10, after the pair were shot dead outside a restaurant in Durban, security experts have questioned the police’s insistence to keep mum on the remaining suspects allegedly on the run.

Forensic investigator Calvin Rafadi said he found it disappointing that on the one-year anniversary, the police have only come out to indicate that they had found the gun and car used in committing the crime.

Rafadi said it was only recently that the police announced that they had identified the suspects who were currently in prison, however, adding that they were in prison for other matters.

The development, he said, was quite disappointing given that the police had at the same time announced that they were still looking for other suspects who were on the run.

“There is no way for them to identify them and not charge them unless they are recruiting them as State witnesses, which would also be difficult as the law does not allow for more than one person to be a witness.

“Police should not delay charging these people because we don't want to see a situation where they (the suspects) may be released on a technicality.”

If anything, Rafadi said, instead of simply mentioning that they were still looking for other suspects, the police should rather look at releasing the images of the wanted suspects who were known to them, to enlist the assistance of members of the public.

“It was members of the public who helped with identifying Thabo Bester at a local Woolworths store. Similarly, why not call on them in this matter because everyone is invested in seeing this case come to fruition.”

He said the most painful part in the delays in the case was that Motsoane’s mother had died due to the stress of losing her son and not witnessing his killers brought to justice.

In addition, utterances made by the family of AKA revealing how they were also at their wits’ end, Rafadi said, referring to a recent exclusive interview the rapper’s father had with eNCA, in which he vowed they would hire private investigators come 2025 if no progress was made in the case.

“Nobody wants to have to see these families using their own funds just to see justice prevail. If they release the images of the suspects, just as with other wanted people, the public will alert them and even businesses may step in to offer rewards.”

A year after the deadly shooting, many people also remember the late rapper, AKA, with fondness, and his family, friends, and fans continue to share their memories of him.

The rapper left a lasting influence on the music industry, and his popularity garnered him numerous awards.

Social media has been flooded with his name, with many posting emotional letters and some recounting all of their good times together.

These include Nandi Madida, Sizwe-Mpofu Walsh, Robot Boii, Nadia Nakai, and his mother, Lynn Forbes, among the scores of his fans.

Well-known rapper and entrepreneur Nadia Nakai shared a message on Instagram, speaking about how she misses him.

“It’s been a year; it feels like yesterday. I wish you never left. I miss you so much! You’re just talking; you’re laughing even more. You were full of life! This is unfair. Please visit me in my dreams more. I will love you forever. Live long.”

The Kiernan Forbes Foundation alongside the rapper’s family recently established a special partnership with Bravado, a major music merchandise company, in memory of the late rapper.

In honour of his birthday, SOOK at Mall of Africa hosted a pop-up art and retail show.

The news was announced on AKA’s Instagram account where his father, Tony Forbes, also disclosed that they are collaborating on items with the well-known local brand Galxboy.

“The Kiernan Forbes Foundation and Bravado, the world’s leading music merchandise company, are proud to announce a special collaboration to honour the late and legendary Kiernan Forbes (AKA).

“The collaboration also provides an opportunity for emerging South African artists to showcase their talent and brings an unparalleled experience for AKA’s fans to enjoy.”

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