Duma defends himself, dubbed bully by IFP

ANC KZN provincial chairperson Siboniso Duma. | Doctor Ngcobo Independent Newspapers

ANC KZN provincial chairperson Siboniso Duma. | Doctor Ngcobo Independent Newspapers

Published Mar 18, 2024


The KwaZulu-Natal ANC provincial chairperson, Siboniso Duma, has defended himself after coming under fire for yanking the mic from Zulu Prime Minister Thulasizwe Buthelezi at the commemoration of King Dinuzulu in Nongoma on Saturday.

Duma explained that he had taken the mic away from Buthelezi because he was not part of the official programme, adding that Buthelezi had a tendency to speak ill of ANC members every time he got a platform.

“I didn’t give him a platform on the day, he just stood up and read his five-page speech. We only allowed him to the podium out of courtesy and because we thought he was going to introduce the King.

“From where we are sitting, we think he (Buthelezi) is quenched with a serious understanding of power, he does not understand the protocol,” Duma added.

Duma reprimanded the Zulu Prime Minister and accused him of hijacking a government programme.

In his speech, Buthelezi urged the provincial government to emulate the King’s leadership style, "Our only request is for the provincial government KZN to emulate your example of respecting our King."

Contralesa’s representative Zola Mkiva said there were no reasons for speakers to bring in petty politics and squabbles at the national event.

“These things shouldn’t have happened, especially when we are two months away from the National elections. There must be some tolerance and restraint and I agree with some commentary that says some level of maturity is needed in such points.

“From the point of view of Contralesa we call for tolerance from politicians,” Mkiva added.

Political Analyst Thembisa Fakude described Duma’ as a “bully” who had demonstrated bullying ways in the past.

Fakude said there was no amount of explanation that can change his view of what he saw.

“I think he should be called to order by the President of the ANC immediately after the function, there was no need for him to grab the mic like he did.

“There is no need to beat around the bush with this, for me it was just pure bad manner,s” he added.

Fakude said the ANC was desperate to get votes in KZN and were going to use him (Duma) as the leader in the province.

He said Duma should have controlled himself as the event had two senior members, President Cyril Ramaphosa and the King, present.

Meanwhile, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) said Duma was unhinged and that he was a bully of epic proportions.

The party said the ANC provincial chairperson was drunk on his ego, and hellbent on an elusive dream of becoming the Premier.

“The growth and strides of the IFP have complicated this maniac and his misplaced ambitions.

“Siboniso Duma’s behaviour yesterday was an assault on the Zulu Monarch, the entire Zulu Nation, and our democracy.

“He is single-handedly responsible for fomenting violence. He is on a disastrous path of self-aggrandisement at the collective expense of democracy, peace, and stability.

“The IFP is therefore shocked, but not surprised, that the ANCWL and the ANC have whipped out their familiar propaganda notebook, by using violent slurs to label the IFP.

“Calling our members bloodletting warlords and hoodlums, amongst many other insults hurled at us in two statements issued today, is not only unwarranted but it defies logic and common sense,” the party said on Sunday.

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