Entrepreneurs share thought-provoking discussions on financial literacy

Group Chief Marketing Officer Nontokozo Madonsela at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. Picture: Supplied

Group Chief Marketing Officer Nontokozo Madonsela at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 26, 2023


Momentum’s fifth annual Science of Success festival was another notable event for those who took away all the important financial wellness notes.

Research conducted by the financial services company and Unisa found that South Africa has a huge lack of financial skills and literacy, and that the more financially literate you are the more you can navigate your way through this challenging economic climate.

The research also showed that many households are seeking diversified income streams, and that more than 60% of employed people want to start a side hustle in the next year.

“Momentum and Unisa have had a relationship that has gone around for about 10 to 11 years. And that relationship was about doing research to re-establish how South Africans are doing in terms of being financially healthy. Knowing that, we realised that there is a marketing team that when these insights are released there is little engagement with data on the paper or on the observations.

“And that was worrying to us as a marketing team, so we then started looking at ways to facilitate more engagement with the idea of how you are doing financially,” said group chief marketing officer at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, Nontokozo Madonsela.

“To share data, tools, tricks, and guidance and advice. This year, which is the fifth year, we wondered how we can take things up because brands must keep innovating, evolving, and switching things up and that’s why we got to this. This time around let’s make it mostly physical and talk about broader money issues outside of how financial households are doing,” said Madonsela.

She also spoke about hosting British entrepreneur and famed podcaster of “Diary of a CEO”, Steven Bartlett.

“Steven Bartlett is a cherry on top. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and has multiple successful businesses. He is known for being an innovative person in the world of health and wellness space. And what we loved about Steven is how he tells his story of success. As an accomplished author, he has written two books and one of them is a best-seller, and most want to hear from him,” she said.

The festival also featured other well-known speakers such as entrepreneur and radio DJ Tbo Touch, and media personality and musician Siya “Slikour” Metane.

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