SARA bets Makhubele as its Gauteng premier candidate

South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) leader Colleen Makhubele. | Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) leader Colleen Makhubele. | Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Published Mar 27, 2024


Former Joburg council speaker and South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) leader, Colleen Makhubele, has become the latest female candidate to be announced through various provincial cabinet lists.

The former Congress of the People (COPE) leader was on Wednesday announced by her party as its preferred Gauteng premier candidate.

This is as most of the 59 political parties set to contest the provincial and national elections in May have confirmed their candidates list with the IEC.

In a statement, the party made of smaller like-minded parties said it believes in the leadership brought by Makhubele, who became the face of the party following her sacking from COPE late last year.

Makhubele, who has been vocal about women issues following reports of unfair treatment of SAFA leader, Ria Ledwaba, has indicated that it will continue to champion women issues and those of unemployed graduates across the country.

“Women participation and leadership is essential for the change we need in South Africa right now. Women vote will be the swing vote and decide the future of the Gauteng province and the nation, with SARA qualifying to contest nationally, whose electorate have shown confidence in SARA. And it’s a clear indication that the general sentiment is ‘Only a woman on top can change South Africa’,” Makhubele is quoted as saying.

She said the party’s candidate list will show how serious SARA is about empowerment of women, which includes some of the unemployed graduates who have been without jobs for years.

“Our candidate list which will be a clear indication of achieving gender parity, generational mix and merit based and competence in politics. The type of skills will reflect the priorities of the party for the next five years. We have done an outstanding job in bringing many unemployed graduates who are excited to finally get an opportunity to be productive and serve their country whilst feeding their families,” she said.

When it comes to some of the plans SARA has for South Africa, Makhubele had this to say: “The direction we wish to take South Africa on the SARA GEAR for economic recovery, denationalisation all 700 SOEs ; cutting taxes and deregulation for SMME and exemption from taxes; national debt eradication and creation of five million jobs in five years will be self evident.”

Makhubele said SARA believes in merit-based leadership with its candidate list reflecting the party’s key priorities in ending ‘kakistocracy’.

“We will de-politicise administration and bring back all the list skills - Afrikaners, English, black, Indian, coloureds home and abroad and all these Eskom and Transnet engineers removed in the heat of ANC factional battles.

“Our achievements are a testament to our resilience. And as we approach the SARA Provincial Manifesto Launch taking place on the 30th March in North West, Mabiskraal Community Hall,“ said Makhubele.

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