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Sparrebosch Country Club and Clifftop Estate in Knysna.Image:File

Sparrebosch Country Club and Clifftop Estate in Knysna.Image:File

Published Mar 14, 2023


With reference to Thami Zwane’s letter, “Black majority relegated to lowest rank”:

He states: “We are the native inhabitants of this land”. Not so. Could I refer Thami to two internet items that clarify that blacks are not indigenous to South Africa, but are north African immigrants. 1. “Settlements in South Africa: Early Migrants and the Nguni” – Stan Schoeman. Schoeman states: “Even the earliest people in SA were immigrants”. A significant observation. 2. “The Colonization of South Africa: A unique case” – Erna and Willem Oliver.

The black settlers had no claim to land and only, later on, ‘claimed’ the land they settled on. This was the case with the free burghers as well who claimed, unclaimed land and settled on it. The 1950 Population Registration Act was repealed in June 1991 by FW. de Klerk thus ending racial classification Today it is only the ANC government that still classifies people by their race.

What does Thami expect the “toothless” human rights watchdog do with regard to the sufferings of the black majority? Please elaborate. They’re suffering because of the greed and incompetence of the ANC government. I am sure the white Zimbabwean farmers would love to help the starving black Zimbabweans by regaining and resurrecting their farms that black Zimbabweans destroyed.

Where are the “white fellows” not co-operating? Whites accepted black majority rule in March 1992 with a 68%“yes" vote, and have been co-operating ever since. What a lot of airy-fairy nonsense, once again, by Thami. Don’t form opinions without the facts and diligent research.

John Whitlock


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