We’re living in Paradigm Lost

South African Flag. Image: Leon Muller

South African Flag. Image: Leon Muller

Published Mar 14, 2023


Civilised society requires good, old fashioned values and paradigms, to pass on to future generations, so that genteel civility can evolve.

The paradigms that have been thrust on the citizens of this country, are less than stellar – promoting chaos, conflict and near anarchy.

Examples of lawlessness, confusion and disorder are hiding in plain sight and the citizens of this country are being pummelled into submission.

The “Sovereign”, has begun his tour of duty, telling everyone within earshot, that the ANC is the only party that can fix things and take the country towards a brighter future.

What absolute drivel – yet there are at least 18 million Sassa grant recipients, who will actually absorb this drivel, and vote them back into power in 2024.

Post-Mandela, we have had to endure one political and economic disaster, after another.

Yes indeed, the good paradigms that were originally proposed in 1994, have somehow disappeared into thin air, during the absence of meaningful government.


Peter Bachtis