‘Killer laaitie’ remains number 1 pool champ

Ethan Chetty

Ethan Chetty

Published Apr 17, 2024


Silverglen teenager, Ethan Chetty, earned the nickname “Killer Laaitie” for his exceptional skills in pool and proved that with the right support, youngsters could achieve success in cue sport.

He won the U23 national champion title at the South African Blackball Nationals recently and will compete in the South African Blackball National Championship in Durban - from April 17 to May 5.

Chetty, 18, was also the U18 and U23 pool champion for South Africa in 2023, and juggled his schooling with competing globally.

He has bagged an array of trophies and titles since he entered as a junior in competitive cue sport and is a member of the Friendly 8 Pool Academy in Silverglen.

Chetty hopes to steer the mindsets of parents to accepting cue sport as a recognised sport.

“I started playing pool after school with my friend at a game shop in my community. When my dad found me there, he got upset. He believed that playing pool would expose me to alcohol and cigarettes, as pool tables are mostly found in pubs and bars.

"He was worried about me, but after he saw that I had potential and passion for the sport. He registered me in a junior league and I grew as a cue sportsman under the mentorship of Sagie Jico Naidoo from Aces and Eights Club,” he said.

The talented teenager has played in various tournaments and championships in South Africa and has travelled to different countries, including China and Morocco. He won the U18 national championships for three consecutive years.

His dad, Pat Chetty, said he encouraged parents to embrace their children’s passion.

“If I did not change my mindset and give Ethan the opportunity to grow as a cue sportsman, he would never have reached his full potential and achieve the success he has, at his age. I am proud of him and all the other youngsters making their mark in cue sport,” he said.

He will play in the men's open first team and U23 categories at the South African National Championship this week.