Parsee Rustomjee Primary School launches its first computer lab

The computer lab at Parsee Rustomjee Primary School. Picture: Supplied

The computer lab at Parsee Rustomjee Primary School. Picture: Supplied

Published May 22, 2024


Parsee Rustomjee Primary School, in Merebank, opened its first computer lab on Tuesday after securing a sponsorship.

The principal, Salesh Panday, said: “Our school celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Over those 60 years, this is the first time a computer lab has been established at the school.”

He said they secured a sponsorship of R150 000 from Liebherr Africa in December.

“We reached out to them in May last year to help us with funding for a computer lab, so we could teach coding and robotics. They gave us the money in December but the project was put on hold as we had to elect a new governing body in March.

“They then sanctioned the spending for the lab. Given the state of the economy, we are grateful for the partnership and their generosity," said Panday.

“This lab places the school in a position to capacitate learners by helping them to be technology savvy. This can contribute productively to their global citizenship."

He said that the lab consisted of 11 computers.

“The multi-purpose room had to be renovated into a lab. We added burglar guards and other security measures to ensure the safety of the equipment."

Panday said coding and robotics would be a compulsory subject next year but from next term, the learners would be able to use the lab for basic computer literacy.