Alleged gang boss to remain behind bars

Anthony Gounden

Anthony Gounden

Published Apr 19, 2024


ALLEGED gang boss Anthony Gounden will remain behind bars after the Verulam Magistrate’s Court turned down his request for bail on Thursday.

Gounden, 44, of Redcliff, is charged with the attempted murder of an off-duty Metro Police officer on March 9.

At the time, Gounden had fled the scene. He handed himself over to police on March 13.

During the bail application which began on April 3, the State also charged him with fraud, defeating and obstructing the course of justice and the unlawful possession of firearms.

Detective Warrant Officer Sivan Naidoo, a Hawks investigator, told the court that Gounden was an alleged drug dealer and gang boss who had detectives from Verulam police station under his control.

Naidoo said the witnesses in the matter were scared of Gounden and if he was released, there was a strong chance he would interfere with them.

Gounden, who owns several businesses, denied the allegations. He also denied assaulting the Metro Police officer.

Before the decision on bail was handed down, his attorney, Chris Gounden, argued that it was in the interest of justice for the accused to be released on bail.

He told the court that it was unlikely Gounden would interfere with the witnesses. If police were concerned about their safety, they could be placed in witness protection.

The attorney said that by calling the officers from Verulam SAPS corrupt and alleging Gounden was a drug dealer and gang boss, the State had been malicious in the manner in which it had handled the case.

He said the State had a weak case against Gounden.

In her argument, State prosecutor Atayla Govender said Gounden could not be subjected to cross-examination because he had submitted a testimony in the form of an affidavit.

Govender said the crime was extremely serious.

“Look at the degree of violence used. The victim is 61-years-old and was assaulted by more than one person. He is at a vulnerable age.”

Govender disputed the argument that the accused had strong family ties, because when police were searching for him, his family had not known his whereabouts.

She told the court that the victims lived in the same area as Gounden and that the victim’s wife was terrified of the accused.

She said Gounden did not fear the law.

“The victim, being a Metro Police officer did not prevent him (Gounden) from committing the assault.”

Govender said that releasing Gounden was not in the interest of justice.

Bail was refused and the matter adjourned until June.