Art at The Nellie in celebration of 125 year old Cape Town hotel

Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel

Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel

Published Apr 24, 2024


The celebration of Cape Town’s Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel's 125th birthday marks a significant milestone, and what better way to commemorate it than with an immersive exhibition of contemporary artworks from the Norval Foundation's Collection.

The hotel turned 125 in March, but celebrations are expected to go on until October.

Titled "Mother City," this curated showcase explores the multifaceted role of the city delving into themes of care, community, femininity, ancestry, and social icons.

Through the lens of 16 artists, including Mia Chaplin, Nicholas Hlobo, Zanele Muholi, and many others, the exhibition offers a diverse range of perspectives and mediums, from painting and photography to tapestry and sculpture.

The artworks, displayed throughout Mount Nelson's grand halls and public spaces, creates a captivating atmosphere that invites guests to engage with the rich cultural heritage of Cape Town and South Africa.

“It’s a great honour to share part of the Homestead Collection with guests of Mount Nelson. As a leading 20th-century South African art collection dedicated to an expanded narrative, these works speak to the hotel’s reverence for its past and its insistence on being part of the future,” says Louis Norval, the founder of the Norval Foundation.

This commitment to supporting art and creativity was a perfect marriage to the goals of the Cape Town art museum, Norval Foundation.

The foundation was established in 2018 as a platform to champion and support African Art and artists, and to develop art education in the Western Cape.

Since its inception, Norval Foundation has hosted exhibitions dedicated to the works of esteemed artists including William Kentridge, Berni Searle, Cinga Samson, Michael Armitage, Bonolo Kavula, Wim Botha, and many more.

Furthermore, Mount Nelson's collaboration with organisations like the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and its incorporation of site-specific architectural artworks demonstrate its ongoing efforts to enrich guests' experiences with innovative and thought-provoking art.

“Our intention at Mount Nelson is to create a welcoming and engaging space where guests can celebrate the creativity, art, and design coming from our continent and beyond,” says Tiago Sarmento, general manager of the hotel.

As Mount Nelson continues to evolve its cultural programming and artistic offerings, it reinforces its position as a cultural cornerstone in Cape Town's vibrant landscape.

With the addition of artworks from the Norval Foundation's Collection, guests can look forward to a truly immersive and inspiring experience that honours both the hotel's illustrious past and its commitment to shaping the future of art and creativity.